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The puppies' first Vet Visit 

A wellness and health check will be performed

The doctor will assess each puppy, where they will give them a wellness check. The doctor will look at each puppy's bite, feel their tummies, listen to their hearts, check their weights, and just assess their all around health. Each puppy will be given a certificate on the date that this was done.

Each puppy will receive a microchip

During this visit, the doctor will administer the puppy's microchip upon their wellness-check. Each puppy will be given a number which will be listed on the certificate.

First vaccine will be administered

After each puppies' wellness-check has been completed, the doctor will administer their first parvovirus vaccine.

Crate Introduction

Open-crate training

We start introducing a crate into the environment at about 2 weeks. The puppies have the option to sleep in it during the day or night. If you choose to crate-train your puppy when he/she goes home, the crate will be a familiar object to them and they may associate it with sleepy time.

If you are wanting us to crate-train your puppy, look into our Puppy Package.


Name recognition

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