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our puppy package.

Are you thinking of getting a puppy from us? While you're making your decision, keep in mind that we do offer other services to help you during this, what can be an, overwhelming time.

What does the puppy package include?

We will keep your puppy an additional 2 weeks and work on training them before going home. Your puppy will have all day and all night care and attention to ensure proper training, safety and love.

Besides the 24/7 care, the puppy package will also include crate training, potty training, name recognition, basic age-appropriate commands,  proper socialization, positive-reinformcement and their second vet visit along with their second vaccine. One important part of your puppies' development is proper exposure to everyday sounds and smells. Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) gives just that to your puppy. ENS involves various exercises that makes your puppy adaptable to situations they will encounter in life.

We are dedicated to ensure you have a happy, confident and well-adjusted puppy. These four weeks can really impact their development in the most crucial time of their life.

Has this information helped in your decision?

Fill out our contact form and let us know that you are interested in this service and Karen will get back to you shortly.

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